Do not give up on trying to be well

When things are really so bad, people find themselves giving up so easily. Whatever you find yourself going through in life these days, don’t give up. That is the last thing you want to do right now. This appeal may seem generalized here because there is such a variety of problems out there and it can be difficult to pin-point any specific problem that may be unique to you.

Do this rather, rather than giving up, do this. Go back to the drawing board. Start from the beginning to try and figure out why things are just not going your way. Perhaps you have been trying too hard, or perhaps you have been placing unnecessary pressure on your shoulders instead of taking it just one step at a time or taking on tasks that you can manage. Or perhaps you just haven’t been in good shape to tackle those tasks you feel compelled to complete.

Perhaps that is it then. You are not healthy. But that, and a great number of other things besides, can be overcome. Of course it will not be easy, and that seems to be the biggest thing for many men and women these days. Just taking the first steps seems to scare them into giving up and going no further. Let that be said then that there is no other way. Particularly if you have been in life’s doldrums for far too long, the first steps of venturing into something new always seems to be the hardest.

But once those first couple of hurdles are navigated and negotiated, it gets a bit easier. But that’s the reality of today’s life. It is big and hard and it does not get any easier.